Ex vivo retinal neurodegeneration assay

24 February 2018 in Ex Vivo

Species: adult mouse and adult rat
Cultivated under ex vivo conditions: up to 10 days
Extent of damage: severe loss of photoreceptors. Gradual loss of retinal ganglion cells
Compound administration: culture medium (ex vivo)
• Ex vivo functional assessment: multi-electrode array system (MEA)
• Morphological assessment (histology, IHC, stereology)
• Molecular biology (ELISA, Western blotting, qPCR)

Our reference:

Nymark S, Ragauskas S, Savolainen V, Holme A, Hyttinen JAK, Kalesnykas G. Morphological and functional characterization of ex vivo retinal explants from adult mice. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science April 2014, Vol.55, 2377.

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