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Director of Business Development

Director of Business Development


Guillaume has been leading and involved in pharmaceutical operations, fundraising and business development at international research institutes, biotech start-ups, and pharmaceutical companies in Europe, USA, and China.

Prior to joining Experimentica Ltd., he served as Chief Business Development Officer for more than three years at Balmes Transplantation SAS, an early stage pharmaceutical company focused on the prevention of organ ischemia-reperfusion injuries. Guillaume also held several pharmaceutical Business Development positions at Capsugel, Institut Pasteur of Shanghai - Chinese Academy of Sciences, Eurobiomed life sciences cluster, and as a Consultant.


Read what Guillaume Demarne has to say...

Q1: Guillaume, tell us something about yourself.

Guillaume: After living and working on four continents, I settled in Marseille, France, with my wife. Although pharma Business Development has kept me away from bench science, I managed to develop hands-on skills in sugar chemistry and fermentation processes involved in the hand-crafted production of malt- and hop-based hydroalcoholic solutions.

Q2: What do you like most working at Experimentica?

Guillaume: I have learned from my experience working with early stage, R&D-intensive, high-risk biotech companies that the right partners can guide them and shorten their critical path towards clinical trials and market launch. In vitro and animal models are key to generate proof of concept, efficacy, and safety/toxicology data packages appealing to scientists, regulatory authorities, and investors. Experimentica’s unique expertise and state-of-the-art models bring exactly that. As a healthcare professional this is what matters most to me.

Q3: What are you passionate about at your work?

Guillaume: From early proof of concept to prescription filling, the development of a new drug candidate is a long and tricky path. My job consists of linking people doing good science to people with the right technical and consulting skills. This is my contribution to the complex pharmaceutical value chain.

The resulting relationship ends up with improved scientific knowledge and increased chances for drug or medical device development teams to move their project forward. I feel incredibly lucky to contribute to these collective endeavours.