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Created by Jenni J. Hakkarainen on  September 12, 2019  in category: News

ERM2019 attendees!

Experimentica’s poster evidently illustrating the effectivity of Aflibercept, administered systemically,  protection against the development of neovascular lesions - will be presented in today’s afternoon poster session.

And for the first time - a demonstration of convolutional neural network trained to recognize and quantify choroidal neovascularization lesion using Aiforia® Cloud.



Refinement of the EAE Mouse Model

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Novel model for corneal permeability in vitro testing through the combined use of collagen-based hydrogels with stratified corneal epithelial cells

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A synthetic metalloporphyrin SOD mimetic protects corneal epithelial cells from oxidative stress-induced damage in vitro and in vivo

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