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Created by Giedrius Kalesnykas on   January 15, 2019   in category: News

Experimentica Ltd., a global contract research organization that specializes in preclinical models for ophthalmic diseases, is pleased to announce its new Board of Directors.

The Members of the Board are:

  • Hannu Uusitalo, MD., Ph.D., Chairman of the Board, Professor of Ophthalmology;
  • Michel Janicot, Ph.D., Director, Founder and Managing Director of JMi ONConsulting;
  • Robert Lai, MBA, Director, Executive President of Shanghai Jiuyou Capitals;
  • Giedrius Kalesnykas, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer at Experimentica Ltd.

 “I am thrilled to join these professionals and business leaders on Experimentica’s Board of Directors. The composition of the Board brings a depth of expertise that covers ophthalmology, management and business development, which will continue to increase Experimentica’s global footprint and expansion.” said Dr. Giedrius Kalesnykas, founder, President and CEO of Experimentica Ltd.


About Experimentica Ltd.: Experimentica Ltd. is a global contract research organization (CRO) that specializes in preclinical models for ophthalmic disease. Our world class scientists and technicians apply a comprehensive set of skills to model ocular diseases using multiple experimental platforms, from cell culture-based systems to complex surgical and pharmacologic preclinical in vivo models. With proprietary laboratories in Kuopio, Finland and Vilnius, Lithuania, global representation, and an industry-leading portfolio, Experimentica Ltd. delivers the highest quality science assisting clients worldwide in advancing their ophthalmic drug discovery and drug development portfolio.


Contact for media enquiries:
Jenni J. Hakkarainen, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer
Phone: +358 (40) 930-7087


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