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Created by Simon Kaja on   January 10, 2019   in category: News

Angiopoietin-4 was identified as the first growth factor having a venous-specific function in the mouse retina, according to a publication co-authored by Experimentica Ltd.

According to the results of a research study published on November 2018 at eLife platform for research communication the deficiency of Angpt4 ligand resulted in defective venous development further causing impaired venous drainage and defects in neuronal cells.

The study findings are valuable for more comprehensive understanding of currently poorly characterized fluid management mechanisms of neural retina that lacks lymphatic draining system. The results presented are of great importance from the translational perspective as well. The identification of new molecules that regulate the formation of functional vasculature in the eye is required for the development of novel therapies for treatment of macular edema that is the major cause of vision loss in common vascular and inflammatory diseases including diabetes, retinal vein occlusions and neovascularization affecting millions of people globally.

Experimentica Ltd. is a global contract research organization specialized in ocular models. Headquartered in Kuopio, Finland, Experimentica Ltd. focuses on Advancing Ophthalmic Drug DiscoveryTM by offering an industry-leading portfolio for ophthalmic drug development.

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