[WEBINAR] AcuiSee – Rodent Visual Acuity Using Behavioral Conditioning

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By Experimentica on November 2, 2021

Summary: Dr. Jeff Jamison will talk about “AcuiSee”, with which one can measure rodent vision based on an operant conditioning paradigm.


In this webinar, Dr. Jamison will briefly describe the current methods typically used to measure vision in animals. He will then discuss the basic concepts of operant conditioning and how it can be used to train rodents to perform visual tasks and measure the threshold of vision or visual acuity.

The AcuiSee Vision Chamber, which Dr. Jamison has developed, is such a dedicated operant chamber used to measure vision in rodents. He will touch upon the calibration studies done to demonstrate a range of visual functions, pharmacological intervention, and disease modeling. Finally, he will discuss additional applications of the AcuiSee system, together with its potential in basic science research, toxicological screening, and pharmacological testing.

This webinar is scheduled on November 17, 2021, and is part of the Striatech Online Journal Club.

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