Join us for the challenge and expertise of supporting research teams supporting the development of innovative ocular drugs and medical devices with state-of-the-art preclinical models.

We are a global contract research organization developing and offering novel preclinical ocular models and services to sponsors from Pharma, Biotech, and Academia

Our laboratory sites are located in Finland, Lithuania, and the United States, with support offices in France and China. This enables our team of interdisciplinary scientists to understand and support local and international companies fully.

People & Culture

It is not a secret that the essential asset for a long-lasting successful business is the team. That’s why we choose our people carefully, and while each of us can perform as a solo star, we work as a single unit.

To be perfectly aligned at Experimentica, every one of us tries to fit into archetypes Swiss psychologist Carl Jung named Sage and Explorer.

As Sage, we tend to be perfectionists and do not settle for anything but true. We thrive on knowledge and being in the know. Explorer acts more like spice on the dish. We love to discover, explore, and be ourselves without any boundaries.

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