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About Experimentica

At Experimentica, we combine our expertise in Ophthalmology and our excellence in preclinical ocular models with state of the art imaging and functional assessment capabilities.

As a global contract research organization we work with Pharmaceutical Companies, Biotechs, and Academia. Our solutions bridge the gap between the development of new models and their use in developing clinical applications.

We work to prevent and cure ophthalmic conditions by supporting our customers to develop innovative treatments where unmet medical needs remain.

Together with our research partners we are participating in a number of extramurally funded research programs. Find out more…

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Meet us at BIO Digital 2021 International Convention
We want to hear about your preclinical ocular drug developments! Meet our BD Director Guillaume Demarne at BIO Digital 2021 Int’l Convention....
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Preclinical ocular models

Our core scientific know-how and expertise
Laser-induced Geographic Atrophy
The mouse laser-induced geographic atrophy (GA) model resembles human early phase GA-like pathology in mice....
Toxicity responses in human retinal pigment epithelium cells
An in vitro assay to help assess and predict drug-induced toxicity on the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) cells....
Assessment of toxicity responses in human retinoblastoma cells 
An assessment and prediction tool of a drug-induced toxicity on human retinoblastoma cells....