Experimentica-led NeoVasculoStop© Consortium to develop innovative oral treatments for retinal diseases

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By Experimentica on June 16, 2022

Summary: Focus is to develop innovative oral treatments for retinal diseases caused by neovascularization and to improve the safety of anti-angiogenic therapies for patients.


Experimentica Ltd. and the NeoVasculoStop© consortium have been granted 3 million euros under the European Innovation Council (EIC) Pathfinder Open Program to develop a novel strategy of drug targeting that can enrich the therapeutic molecules selectively in retinal tissue, thereby increasing the drug’s safety profile. The research program is expected to generate a first-in-class oral medication that offers hope to patients of sustaining their vision for longer. The consortium members include Experimentica Oy, its subsidiary Experimentica UAB, Vichem Ltd., Semmelweis University, Neox s.r.o. (an Emmes company), and LC Innoconsult Ltd., with Experimentica Oy acting as the leading entity.

Retinopathies are expected to increase with an aging population and the increased prevalence of diabetes. Current treatment (injections to the eye) require outpatient visits and can be associated with adverse effect.

NeoVasculoStop© will advance the development of innovative drug candidates against ocular angiogenic diseases, including age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, which – if left untreated – could result in vision loss.

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