Experimentica Ltd. opens a new R&D site in Lithuania

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By Experimentica on November 22, 2018

Summary: Experimentica Ltd. opens a new R&D site in Vilnius, Lithuania


Experimentica Ltd. opens a new R&D site in Vilnius, Lithuania

Experimentica Ltd. announced the opening of a new Research & Development site in Vilnius, Lithuania, which will strengthen the company’s global position as a leader in the ophthalmic contract research organization market. The new corporate entity, Experimentica UAB, is fully owned and operated by the parent company Experimentica Ltd., headquartered in Kuopio, Finland.

“Our new R&D site will significantly increase our capacity for high-resolutionin vivoimaging and ocular tolerability and toxicology studies and strengthen Experimentica Ltd.’s position in this market segment”, said Dr. Giedrius Kalesnykas, Founder and CEO of the company. “We are very grateful for the support by the European Union and excited to help our clients accelerate their ophthalmic drug discovery efforts.”

The investment totaling €1.6 million was supported, in part, by a competitive award “Smart FDI” (project PRO-LAGUS no. 01.2.1-LVPA-T-848-01-0005) under the Promotion of Scientific Research, Experimental Development and Innovations Priority of the Operational Programme of the European Union Structural Funds and European Regional Funds for 2014-2020.

The funded research project “Development and validation of preclinical models for research of advanced therapeutics” is dedicated to developing and validating novel preclinical ophthalmic disease-specific models, enabled by novel research on the pathophysiological mechanisms and the use of non-invasive imaging modalities. The availability of these novel preclinical models will help bridge the gap between preclinical discovery of novel exosome-based advanced therapeutics for ocular diseases and their translation to the clinic.

“The continued investment into state-of-the-art imaging devices supported by this programmatic EU funding will be crucial in sustaining Experimentica’s role as industry leader for the functional analysis of the visual system and allow us to be at the forefront of model development for the preclinical testing of ophthalmic drug candidates for our clients”, said Dr. Simon Kaja, Chief Scientific Officer of Experimentica.

Contact for media enquiries:

Jenni J. Hakkarainen, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer
Email: jenni.hakkarainen@experimentica.com
Phone: +358 (40) 930-7087

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