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Created by Jenni J. Hakkarainen on   August 15, 2018   in category: News

[Kuopio, Finland and Chicago, USA – August 14th, 2018] – Experimentica Ltd. is pleased to announce its co-sponsorship and participation in this year’s SILK - Elsemay Björn Symposium. This yearly international symposium is to be held in Tampere, Finland at the Jarmo Visakorpi Auditorium, Arvo Ylpön katu 34, Tampere on August 20th, 2018.

Experimentica Ltd. is a co-sponsor with SILK and the Elsemay-Björn fund and is represented by Dr. Simon Kaja, Chief Scientific Officer of Experimentica Ltd. and the Dr. John P. and Therese E. Mulcahy Endowed Professor in Ophthalmology at Loyola University Chicago.

Dr. Kaja will deliver a talk entitled: Targeting reactive astrocytosis in glaucoma – novel opportunities for drug discovery.

We at Experimentica are proud of this opportunity to sponsor and participate in this event and we extend a warm welcome to all of the speakers and participants in this year’s symposium. The entire agenda for the symposium is included below. 


12:30 Opening of the Symposium
Hannu Uusitalo, Professor, University of Tampere 

12:40 Elsemay Björn Lecture
Keith Martin, Professor, University of Cambridge, UK 

Retinal ganglion cell death in glaucoma 

13:15 Elsemay Björn Lecture
Leonard Levin, Professor, McGill University, Montreal, Canada 

Strategies to optic nerve regeneration 

13:50 Simon Kaja, Assistant Professor, Loyola University Chicago, USA, and CSO at Experimentica Ltd.

Targeting reactive astrocytosis in glaucoma – novel opportunities for drug discovery 

14:10 Coffee break
14:40 Roger Beuerman, Professor, Singapore Eye Research Institute 

The role of anterior segment innervation in eye diseases 

15:00 Heli Skottman, Associate Professor, BioMediTech Institute, University of Tampere 

Human pluripotential stem cells as a tool for corneal regeneration 

15:20 Tor Paaske Utheim, Professor, University of Oslo, Norway

Unmet Clinical Needs of Dry Eye 

15:40 Closing Remarks
Hannu Uusitalo, Professor, University of Tampere 


About Experimentica Ltd.: Experimentica Ltd. is a global contract research organization (CRO) that specializes in preclinical models of ophthalmology and neurology. The world class scientists and technicians apply a comprehensive set of skills on various in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo modelling platforms. With proprietary laboratories in Kuopio, Finland and representation globally Experimentica Ltd. delivers the highest quality science in ophthalmology and neurological models. 


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