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Created by Justina Dragūnaitė on   January 25, 2020   in category: News

We are delighted to announce that professional development of our talented employees in 2020 will be co-funded by the European Social Fund Agency under Priority 9 "Public Education and Enhancing Human Resources Potential" of the European Union Funds Operational Program 2014-2020 No. 09.4.3-ESFA-T-846 “Training for Foreign Investor Employees”. 

The total value of the project is €47.007,70, of which EUR 32 905,39 will be funded from the European Social Fund Agency.

Individually tailored professional development courses will include international trainings on advances in in vivo imaging techniques, functional assessment of vision, general surgery techniques and microsurgery, molecular biology methods, histology and immunohistochemistry as well as laboratory animal welfare and artificial intelligence applications in health sciences. 

In addition to the funded project, Experimentica’s employees will also actively participate in the upcoming scientific conferences in Baltimore (USA; ARVO 2020), in Buenos Aires (Argentina; XXIV Biennial Meeting of the International Society for Eye Research), and in Nice (France; The European Vision and Eye Research conference). 

Come to meet us and discuss recent advances in preclinical ocular models at our posters and scientific presentations.

About Experimentica Ltd.

Experimentica Ltd. is a global contract research organization (CRO) that specializes in preclinical models for ophthalmic indications. The world class scientists and technicians apply a comprehensive set of skills on various in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo modelling platforms. With proprietary laboratories in Kuopio, Finland and Vilnius, Lithuania alongside a global representation, Experimentica Ltd. delivers the highest quality science in preclinical ophthalmic drug discovery.

Contact for media enquiries:

Justina Dragunaite, Director, Financial Operations, phone: +370 (624) 15 947, e-mail:



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