ACVO 2023 – Effect of Pertussis toxin and CFA on Meibomian gland function and secretion

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By Guillaume Demarne on September 20, 2023
Chief Business Officer

Summary: Marianna Bacellar-Galdino, DVM, PhD, Director of Veterinary Ophthalmology at Experimentica will present at ACVO's 54th Annual Scientific Conference.


The Meibomian glands (MG) produce and secrete the lipid portion of the tear film. Dysfunction can result in irritation, inflammation, and dry eye disease (DED). Reduced lipid production by the MG can be due to dysfunction of the gland or blocked secretory ducts.

Our data revealed that Pertussis toxin with CFA injected into the left upper eyelid mimics aspects of DED (MGD) by inducing plugged ducts and potential reduction of lipid production leading to a disruption of normal eye function and can be used as a model for DED research.

Experimentica provides a standardized Meibomian gland dysfunction model in rabbits.

Key results:

  • A mixture of Pertussis toxin and CFA led to swelling of the eyelid and plugging of the MG ducts of left eyes.
  • On Day 2 and Day 7 left eyes had an average score of 2.3 and 2.3 in chemosis, 2.6 and 2.4 in blepharitis, 1.5 and 1.7 in discharge, 0.83 and 2.2 in telangiectasia and 1.97 and 2.18 in plugged ducts, respectively.
  • All right eye scores were 0 for both Day 2 and Day 7 exams.
  • There was no difference in tear production or corneal fluorescein staining between eyes.

Authors:   Marianna Bacellar-Galdino | Austin Brown | Juliette Arnold | Nate Pappenhagen | Jeff Jamison | Giedrius Kalesnykas

Attend the poster presentation:

September 21, 2023
Boston Park Plaza – Exhibit Hall

Chief Business Officer